About Diana

          As a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Personal Trainer/Medical Exercise/Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, and also an IYCA Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist she specializes in working with clients for injury prevention and post rehab training to improve function, movement and performance. She relates directly with her clients having experienced her own journey with hip and shoulder injuries. Diana’s expertise helps her clients achieve muscular balance, mobility and stability, improve flexibility and restore function, performance and strength by bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness. Diana's clients come from a variety of backgrounds and range from athletes in middle, high school and college level, to active older adults and cycling competitors and everything in between.  

Diana has participated in sports and athletics from an early age and remains active in tennis, golf, swimming and skiing. As a Navy spouse with four children all extremely active in athletics, she has also been involved in their sports development and coaching in lacrosse, baseball, basketball and tennis. A former member of the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association Girls Lacrosse Board and Coach Coordinator, Diana is passionate about coaching girls on how to train well in the weight room for high school athletics and helping reduce performance injuries. Her ultimate goal is to empower girls of all ages, to build their confidence and knowledge in the movement skills for sport performance and overall fitness and to apply those skills toward their health and wellness for the rest of their life!

Diana understands the importance of excelling as a participant in sport as well as in life. She is always striving to

improve her skills as a coach and trainer, gaining new understanding and education in fitness methods and ways to achieve

client’s goals and positive outcomes. She is dedicated to improving her clients over all fitness and quality of life.

Diana believes there is an athlete in all of us and if you move better, you will move more!